Thursday, December 27, 2007

Congressional Black Cacus Calls For Pardon of Jena Six

15 Black Congressmen led by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Houston are supporting the call.

A letter to Louisiana Govorner Kathleen Blanco reads "In our view, as citizens, parents, and Members of Congress, we believe Mychal Bell and the Jena 6 have paid a sufficient debt to society for any transgressions they may have committed...

We believe that they and their families have suffered enough, as has the state of Louisiana and the town of Jena."

According to the associated press:

"Ms. Blanco's press secretary, Marie Centanni, issued a statement Friday saying the state Pardon Board would have to make a recommendation for the governor to grant a pardon or commutation. And Ms. Blanco will be leaving office three days before the Pardon Board is next scheduled to meet, Jan. 17."

Yeah, nice of Gov. Blanco to drag her feet all this time knowing this, when she could have put this issue before the board earlier. So lets not pretend she's not happy that they don't meet until after she's out of office; because she simply wasn't going to doing anything about this issue if she didn't have to, as I've reported on her obstinacy in this regard previously.

I'll give her a bit of credit with helping to get D.A. Reed Walters to back of challenging the ruling that overturned Michael Bells conviction as an adult.

Blanco, a Democrat is being replaced by Republican Govenor-elect Bobby Jindal after she chose not to run for re-election.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

White Supremist Sue Louisiana Town of Jena

Well, if you here you know about the Jena 6 so I don’t need to rehash
that, and I’m sure you know about the now Historical September 20th

Well monkey see, monkey do, some fake Klansman want to immolate us and have their own march; on Martin Luther King Day of course.

Can’t we at least get the real Klan anymore? They didn’t go whining to the federal courts. No, those illiterates just did something retarded to prove our point and hence further our cause.