Friday, October 19, 2007

Throwing Mychael Bell Back In Jail May Be Illegal

Judge J.P. Mauffrey has basically done an end around the legal system. He couldn’t preside over a prosecution in adult court like he tried. He couldn’t keep Mychael Bell locked up indefinitely with no conviction and no bail like he tried, after the conviction resulting from the illegal trial was thrown out. So in order to get Mychael Bell for the Justin Barker beating, and show us he’s Boss Hog of Hazard County, he has jailed Bell essentially for the same thing his conviction was overturned for.

His illegal trying of Mychael Bell as an adult didn’t hold up in real court, so instead he’s jailed Bell saying the fight was a probation violation. Which in essences means, Judge Mauffrey in an act of defiance towards the higher courts, has unilaterally convicted Mychael Bell of the charges still pending against.

Howard Witt has the story - Jena 6 teen's return to jail draws queries: Judge's probation ruling called 'revenge',1,316353.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

Also read about white "progressive's" ever changing story about why they're largely ignoring the Jena 6 issues, even when it's in congress.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Students Reppin For The Jena 6

From Nashville we took 3 studnet buses from
Tennessee State University
and 2 student buses from Fisk University, as well as some students and others of that age spreadout on the other 5 general community buses.

Here's how some other students have been representin since September 20th.

Students Reppin for the Jena Six

Grenesboro Rally at Bennet College

North Carolina A&T Rally:

Student Walkout in Pittsburg on October 1:

Student Government Association To Sponsor Fundraiser for Jena 6 Legal Defense

And I’ve already told you about:

The student Suspended For Supporting Jena 6


The White Student Sues To Wear Her "Free The Jena 6" T-shirt

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Regarding Jena 6, U.S. Attorney Donald Washington Finally Admits The Hanging of the Noose Was A Hate Crime

In an article by Howard Witt, the writer who broke the Jena Six case nationally; he reports that Washington finally makes this admission in hearings before congress today.

Guess what his porported reasoning for not doing his job and protecting black kids from racial intimidations is according to Witt's writing, "because of the ages of the white youths involved."

Ain't that a bitch!

White kids get off scott free because of their age, but there was no forgoing, or the least bit of measured temperment when it came to prosecuting Michael Bell, Bryant Purvis, Carwin Jones, Theo Shaw, and . I guess no justice for Negroes on either end of the spectrum.

Where are all the annoymous people and others who routinely run here to tell me about how the noose hanging wasn't a hate crime and had nothing to do with the tention's that led to the Barker fight, just because the government says so. The goverment is saying the opposite now.

As I noted in the post The Claimed Facts, Are Not Necessarily the Facts In Jena 6 Case; "in Washington’s case, even though the FBI investigated and recommended the noose hangings be prosecuted as a hate crime; Washington refuses to do so just because the noose hangers don't have a prior record." This is what he said in an interview that aired on CNN on the day of the September 20 march.

The Witt story is here:

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee asked the Uncle Tom, foot shuffling, Bush appointee, "Mr. Washington, tell me why you did not intervene? Six broken lives could have been prevented if you had taken action.”

Rep John Conyers summed up the whole issue of this Jena situation saying, “as we all know, it is illegal under the guarantees of our Constitution and our laws to have one standard of justice for white citizens and another harsher one for African- American citizens,”

Apparently, everybody doesn't know that; or, they simply don't care!

White Student Sues To Wear Her "Free The Jena 6" T-shirt

[Now this is what I'm talking about. It's good to see both someone White and someone Young getting down]

By TRAVIS LOLLER, Associated Press Writer
Tue Oct 9, 10:13 PM ET

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A student is suing her suburban Nashville school district for the right to wear a T-shirt with the words "Free the Jena Six," a reference to the black students in a Louisiana town accused of beating a white classmate.

According to a lawsuit filed in federal court in Nashville last week, Danielle Super came in to school late on Sept. 20 after having attended a march.

As she was waiting for her mother to sign her in, Smyrna High School assistant principal Jolene Watson told her she could not come into the school wearing the Jena Six T-shirt because it could "cause a problem."

After protesting the order, Super changed shirts and returned to school, the complaint states.

Super is seeking an injunction against the school that would allow her to wear the T-shirt. The complaint also asks for damages, although it does not specify an amount.

Rutherford County Schools spokesman James Evans said the only comment he was authorized to make on the pending litigation was that "we don't believe the school is in the wrong, and we are confident this will play out in our favor."

The T-shirt refers to six black students in Jena, La., accused of beating a white student unconscious in December.

The attack followed months of racial tensions after three white students were suspended, but not prosecuted, for hanging nooses from a tree on school grounds.

The case has garnered national attention and drawn protests from thousands, including civil rights activists such as Jesse Jackson. David Bowie donated to the teens' defense fund, and rocker John Mellencamp has written a song about it.

I posted a video report about this here:

Monday, October 15, 2007

From Jena 6 Rally to Nationalist Black Leadership Confrence

I wish I had seen this before the meeting this past weekend so I at least could have publicized it, if not gone myself.


Amefika D. Geuka
National Co-Convener


Although there were detractors, the vast majority of Americans of African descent would no doubt agree that the tremendous turnout and show of support for the six young Black males and their families in the now infamous miscarriage of justice that occurred in the small rural town of Jena, Louisiana was a GOOD thing. We should give credit where credit is due to all the individuals, groups, and organizations that made the “Jena-Six” a “cause-celebre.” Michael (The “Bad Boy of Radio”) Baisden took promotion of the need to descend on Jena to support the boys ‘over-the-top;’ however, his efforts were probably matched by the less-well-known, but no less outspoken Black activists who permeate the “Blogosphere,” as many refer to the Internet. Taken together, these forces made sure that no person of African descent in America was left unaware of the travesty taking place in Jena. White America was made aware too, but most of them chose to remain in denial of the continuing persistence of racist practices in America.

Some of the criticism directed at promoters of the bus-in and rally reminded me of the build-up to the original Million Man March when pundits lambasted Minister Louis Farrakhan for having the audacity to summon 1,000,000 Black men to Washington, D.C. for a well-deserved tongue-lashing for our past failures to be real men to our women, and providers for and protectors of our children. Their voices and recriminations were muted however, when 2.5 million of us showed up on October 16, 1995! Minister Farrakhan’s call was for Black men to stand up and be men; he did not see fit at that time to call for creation of an organization. We were called upon to take an oath of commitment to be better men; and agreed to return to our respective home communities and join some organization working for the betterment of Black people. Further, we were told that if no such organization already existed in our community, it was our duty to start one! In other words, there could be no excuses for lack of substantive follow-up to the March. Hundreds of thousands of those men kept true to their word, and did as we had been challenged to do. The story of those successes has yet to be told, and is one of the chores facing our Movement to Bring Back Black after we give birth to the NATIONALIST Black Leadership Council (NBLC) on October 13, 2007 in Kernersville, North Carolina.

Promoters of the Jena-Six support rally did not claim that they were trying to create an organization. Their intent was to demonstrate to the “powers-that-be” in Jena, Louisiana that Black folks around the country were furious about what was being done to the six Black boys under cover of law and so-called justice. It stirred memories of days (we thought had) gone by, when law-enforcement and the courts themselves were the means by which Blacks were routinely persecuted and abused on the slightest pretext. Though we have not said so as loudly or with the same resolve as Jews about their holocaust, the sentiment many of us feel is just as strong, if not more so! The Jena-Six protest rally sent the message to racists and white supremacists, that never again will they be able to heap violence and abuse on us, and not be made to suffer any consequences.

Where Should They Go From There?

The question being asked in the aftermath of the Jena-Six support rally is “what comes next?” Where should the thousands who responded to the call to descend on Jena go next, and what should they do when they get there? This writer suggests that the Jena-Six” support rally be considered as having been a prelude to the Nationalist Black Leadership Council’s Birth-Giving Convention in Kernersville, North Carolina next week, October 11-14, 2007.

While the gathering in Jena was not intended to create an organization, there are few of sane mind who would not agree that Black folks need a vanguard organization, one that can fill the role provided by the NAACP during the “civil-rights” phase of our search for freedom, justice, and equality in America. That era ended with the “Brown vs. Board” decision in 1954, and subsequent passage of landmark civil rights legislation and “Executive Decisions” of the early 1960s. Since 1965 the dominant theme among those who have “led” or been leading spokespersons for the Black community has been their quest for the “holy grail” of integration and assimilation with Whites. They deserve credit for most of the ‘gains’ made on behalf of Blacks on their ‘watch,’ and must accordingly accept responsibility for losses we have suffered as well. In other words, they must accept the “bitter-with-the-sweet.”

So integrationists/assimilationists (I/A’s) deserve the lion’s share of credit for legal rights they won for Black folks, and the relative freedoms afforded by laws against discrimination that we operate under today. But they are also responsible for causing us to abandon our sense of self-respect and mutual support. We need to do a comparative analysis of the gains and losses that can be attributed to the leadership, direction, and guidance provided by the I/A’s while they were the dominant influence with the Black masses, and determine whether the results warrant a continuation of I/A leadership.

This writer argues that it is past time for the I/A’s to “pass the baton” to Nationalists and self-determinists to run the next leg of our people’s “relay-race of life.” Indeed, they have held onto the baton well beyond the “passing zone” in this metaphor, and thus allowed the Whites who organized the “meet,” to disqualify our entire ‘team’ from the race! It is now time for us to organize our own track meet, complete with our own rules; and make our own determinations as to who will participate in which events, and in what positions.

A “Shadow Government?”

The convention in Kernersville is designed and intended to do this. A new national organization comprising a close-knit coalition of like-minded groups and organizations will emerge from that unprecedented gathering. The mechanism will boast its own array of leaders and spokespersons whose only loyalty will be to the Black Collective, at home and abroad! The organization will operate as a ‘shadow-government’ to protect, preserve, and advance the best interests of Black folks collectively, just as the government of the United States is supposed to do for citizens of this nation. Just as this (U.S.) government prioritizes whatever it claims is in the “national interest” of (White) America, and the federation of National Jewish organizations does likewise for the Jewish community and the State of Israel, so too will the Nationalist Black Leadership Council (NBLC) prioritize the interests of people of African descent, “those at home, and those abroad!”

The NBLC will strengthen the Black Collective in a way that we will no longer be so vulnerable and susceptible to the vagaries and vicissitudes of white supremacists, racists, and hate-mongers. When this is accomplished, there will be fewer incidents where Blacks will be the victims of capricious behavior and conduct by those who do not respect our humanity, or believe that we have any ‘rights!” The “90-pound weakling” will have “morphed” into a hard body-politic capable of protecting its women and children from any who would do them harm.

From Reaction to Pro-Action

The rally in Jena, Louisiana was a justifiable reaction to the racist action taken by White authorities in Jena; our convention in Kernersville will be the latest in a series of pro-active initiatives taken by Black Nationalists, Pan-Africanists, and advocates for self-help, self-determination, and self-reliance from around the nation and the Black Diaspora. All who agree that we must move from being reactionaries to being pro-active and preemptive, should plan to join us in Kernersville, North Carolina October 11-14, 2007. That is especially true for those who feel that their participation in the Jena-Six rally left a void that needs to be filled, one that can only be filled by constructive ACTION to preempt and ward off attacks by those who would do harm to us.

Where will YOU be October 11-14, 2007, and what will you be DOING?