Monday, September 8, 2008

Michael Bell's Farther Accused of Assaulting His Son's Lawyer

Mychael Bell never had a chance with a farther like this. It's a wonder that he does as well as he does.

As I said in my last post where I discussed Marcus Bell deriding his son's lawyers and fund raisers; this guy has problems. He's simply not a decent person; and acts very much like a maniac. He can bet there will be no marches or defense funds for him.

This is a picture from earlier this year, with Marcus Bell pulling on another of his son's lawyers, as reported by "Marcus Jones (second from left), father of Mychal Bell, pulls Peggy Sullivan, one of Bell's attorneys, away from a press conference in Jena on Monday following a court hearing in which Bell pleaded guilty in the attack on a fellow student at Jena High School a year ago today." reported on August 29th that:

The father of "Jena Six" member Mychal Bell has been accused of assaulting his son's attorney Wednesday morning after a hearing in Baton Rouge.

Marcus Jones is alleged to have confronted Carol Powell-Lexing in an elevator right after she finished in her "official capacity on behalf of his son" at the Louisiana High School Athletic Association building in Baton Rouge. The association on Wednesday morning denied Bell athletic eligibility to play football during his fifth year of high school.

Reading from a report filed by Lexing, Baton Rouge Police Cpl. L'Jean Mckneely said via telephone that a "very upset" Jones began blaming Lexing for the hearing's outcome. Jones then spat in Lexing's face after pointing his finger and "yelling profanities," Mckneely said, quoting the report.

Jones then pushed Lexing down, although a witness reported seeing only the spitting incident, Mckneely said.

Lexing said Thursday that she visited a doctor's office after the altercation, but she did not elaborate on the type or extent of any injury.

Jones said Thursday that he did blame Lexing and pointed at her during the argument, but he said he would never get into a physical fight with a woman.

"I didn't touch her," Jones said. "She shoved me."

The only witness in the elevator was Mychal Bell's mother, Melissa Bell, Jones said. Melissa Bell could not be reached by phone Thursday...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Reed Walters Set To Appeal Recusal of Jena 6 Judge

I posted previously about Judge J.P. Mauffray being removed from the cases of the Jena 6.

Reed Walters, the Jena 6 prosecutor is set to appeal that ruling. From

Appeal of 'Jena 6' recusal ruling set
August 14, 2008

LaSalle Parish District Attorney Reed Walters is appealing the recusal of 28th Judicial District Judge J.P. Mauffray Jr. in the "Jena Six" case.

Walters has until Sept. 5 to submit the appeal to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal, according to court documents signed Tuesday by 9th Judicial District Judge Thomas Yeager of Rapides Parish.

Yeager ruled that Mauffray could not hear the cases against Robert Bailey Jr., Jesse Ray Beard, Carwin Jones, Bryant Purvis and Theo Shaw. The five are accused of attacking a fellow Jena High School student in December 2006 at the school. Mychal Bell, the sixth defendant, has pleaded guilty to a juvenile charge.

The Louisiana Supreme Court ordered that Yeager handle the Jena Six cases after Mauffray was recused.

In his notice of appeal, Walters said the decision was not based on evidence presented at the hearing.