Friday, September 19, 2008

Remembering The Jena 6 March With Urban EpiCenter's Keith Caldwell

The following is an interview I conducted tonight with Keith Caldwell, fellow community organizer here in Nashville, and one of the principle parties that I worked with in helping to organize 10 free bus of some 500+ people to go down to Jena 1 year ago tomorrow.

We discuss how it all started with a conversation over breakfast; and what we've taken from it and have built on that mobilization since.

The Evonne I reference in the convo is Evonne Tisdale of Center for Community Change.

Redux - The Jena 6 March In Rewind

You can see again my thoughts right after returning from the Jena 6 march last year.

In the coming days I will have a number of post and podcast of interviews and commentary on the organizing of the march, and what has come out of it.


The Jena March for Justice: My Experience and Perspective
My perspective and the sights and sounds that I experienced as a participant in the historic march for justice in Jena Louisiana for the Jena 6.
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Also, this is the Jena 6 Blogs 100th post. Thanks all those who stopped by over the past 11 months