Monday, March 3, 2008

Still Wondering About Baisden's Unequal Justice Fund

Do you remember Michael Baisden’s “Unequal Justice Legal Defense and Education Fund”

Do you know where the money is? Have you heard anything about it in months?

For me, the answer to both is no, so I did a little checking. On neither of the two still standing web pages about the Unequal Justice Fund can I find:

1. How much is being collected?
2. Who’s receiving it?
3. How it’s being administrated ?
4. What is the method of accountability and where can we check to see that donors money is going to where it is said it would go?

There are no pages found about the fund, just a residual Jena 6 page. There once was a page dedicated to the fund when he was promoting his November Atlanta fundraiser and immediately afterwards. But apparently all information about the fund are now gone from mingle city.

Even at his Michael Baisden dot com site the “web-a-thon” graphic only shows money collected up through the end of September.

I can find nowhere on either of his websites where information is given about the collected money.

Also isn’t it funny, but have you heard him talk about the Jena 6 much, if at all since he unsuccessfully tried to run down Color of Change in the week leading up to his own fundraiser?

Maybe I’ll call his offices after while and see if we can’t get any info; but one shouldn’t have to do that when he has two websites that he used to raise the money from. If he can put fundraising information on there, he can just the same put information about where the money’s been going since he got it.

But if you have any information, by all means, please inform me. I’ll correct the record promptly.

Here are the two remaining sites discussing the Fund's existence and how to apply: