Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Regarding Jena 6, U.S. Attorney Donald Washington Finally Admits The Hanging of the Noose Was A Hate Crime

In an article by Howard Witt, the writer who broke the Jena Six case nationally; he reports that Washington finally makes this admission in hearings before congress today.

Guess what his porported reasoning for not doing his job and protecting black kids from racial intimidations is according to Witt's writing, "because of the ages of the white youths involved."

Ain't that a bitch!

White kids get off scott free because of their age, but there was no forgoing, or the least bit of measured temperment when it came to prosecuting Michael Bell, Bryant Purvis, Carwin Jones, Theo Shaw, and . I guess no justice for Negroes on either end of the spectrum.

Where are all the annoymous people and others who routinely run here to tell me about how the noose hanging wasn't a hate crime and had nothing to do with the tention's that led to the Barker fight, just because the government says so. The goverment is saying the opposite now.

As I noted in the post The Claimed Facts, Are Not Necessarily the Facts In Jena 6 Case; "in Washington’s case, even though the FBI investigated and recommended the noose hangings be prosecuted as a hate crime; Washington refuses to do so just because the noose hangers don't have a prior record." This is what he said in an interview that aired on CNN on the day of the September 20 march.

The Witt story is here: http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/news/politics/blog/2007/10/us_official_jena_nooses_were_h.html

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee asked the Uncle Tom, foot shuffling, Bush appointee, "Mr. Washington, tell me why you did not intervene? Six broken lives could have been prevented if you had taken action.”

Rep John Conyers summed up the whole issue of this Jena situation saying, “as we all know, it is illegal under the guarantees of our Constitution and our laws to have one standard of justice for white citizens and another harsher one for African- American citizens,”

Apparently, everybody doesn't know that; or, they simply don't care!


Anonymous said...

Federal hate crime guidlines take age into consideration. As Washington pointed out, "If these acts had been committed by others who were not juveniles, this would have been a federal hate crime, and we would have moved forward." In other words, it was not a hate crime under federal guidelines because of the three students' age. Washington has also pointed out in earlier interviews that the noose-hanging incident was non-violent and that, if committed by adults, the charge would have been a misdeamenor.

The Jena district attorney's office also considered age as a factor in charging the Jena Six. No charges are expected to be filed against the youngest member of the Jena Six. He gets a bye because of his age, the same as the three students who hung the nooses. Four of the Jena Six, unlike the three students who hung the nooses, were adults under Lousiana law at the time of the attack. Mychal Bell, who unlike the students who hung the nooses, has multiple convictions for battery that predate the noose-hanging incident, will be retried as a juvenile.

Yobachi said...

"that the noose-hanging incident was non-violent"

So the threat of violence is non-violent in your estimations?

Further, can you support that teenagers threatening death and or committing a hate crime prevents their prosecution; because I've never heard of any such concept under the law. In other words, do you have a link?

"The Jena district attorney's office also considered age as a factor in charging the Jena Six. No charges are expected to be filed against the youngest member of the Jena Six."

What? ARE YOU SERIOUS? He chaged 16 year olds with charges that would effectively given them life in prison. What dame consideration is there in that, period? There are no higher sentences that they could have possibly gotten, so how is that consideration for their age???

Also wasn't the youngest already chared, or are you saying he was arrested yet never charged? That can't be right. But if I'm wrong, fine; I'd just again like a link to this information.

"Four of the Jena Six, unlike the three students who hung the nooses, were adults under Lousiana law at the time of the attack. "

Oh yeah, then why did the 3rd Circuit Court throw out Michael Bell's adult conviction, saying the charges should have been brought in juvenile court? Which ones were the adults that you are talking about? Clear Bell was not an adult under the law yet Walters illegal tried him as an adult anyway, and Judge Mauffrey allowed it. This is the whole damn point of this issue - a baised, overreaching prosecution.

"Mychal Bell, who unlike the students who hung the nooses, has multiple convictions"

So what? You cannot, by law and constitution, charge somebody base on prior bad acts. That ONLY comes into play in sentencing. You can only charged them based on their acts in the specific incident you're charging for. It's ILLEGAL and prosecutaorial misconduct to do otherwise. This is a point I have made again and again, and that your type ignores.

Your actually making the case for why this prosecution is so wrong and unjustice. Equal protection udner the law and due process should apply to everyone, not just white people.

You're going to have to pop this shit with somebody who's ignorant. I at least know a little something.

Anonymous said...

Both offenses took place on school property, the noose hanging and the beating; these schools receive money from the federal government; so it is my feeling that both offenses took place outside of the jurisdiction of Walters and the local police.

And since when is noose hanging not a crime of violence. You have a tree reserved for white students only; a noose was placed in the tree to communicate to non-whites, if you sit under this tree, you will be strung up in it. Because of the history of lynching in this country, that message and the noose symbol made the threat very clear. The threat was issued; the perps took a step toward carrying the crime out; they furnished the noose; they even hung it from the tree.

Anonymous said...

Juveniles can be charged and prosecuted under federal law. Age has nothing to do with it. I don't know what Washington was talking about.

Anonymous said...

ive had a 10 year old act like he had a gun and shooting me. maybe if he really shot me you guys would throw a rally and al sharpton would come speak and incite racism against my community. (with you guys money} maybe i should quit wining and do like jessie and buy the 10 year old a house for his family that will show them huh

Anonymous said...

for the dumbass who said prior bad acts can only come at sentencing you are ignorant. (PHIL SPECTOR TRIAL) dont believe every thing you hear at the laundry-mat. some people will believe anything that SOUNDS like it will prove your point. ANOTHER CHANCE FOR YOU TO INCITE RACISM FOILED. HAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

I suggest you read this article http://www.csmonitor.com/2007/1024/p09s01-coop.html?page=2 before any of you can pretend you know the whole story. The fact is, 6 guys beat the shit out of another guy and were charged for it. SO WHAT??? This has nothing to do with race and anyone who tries to make it about race is a dumbass! I feel that anyone who gangs up with 5 of their friends to repeatedly beat an unconcious victim should recieve the FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW no matter what their race is. I can't believe so many people are standing up for these kids when they commited a very bad crime.

Yobachi said...

LOL, I already know what the Christian Science Monitor has to say and it doesn't have any FACTS the contradict one position of mine.

Supisicion, innuendo, and logical fallacy don't count.

They were charged for crimes they didn't commit like conspiracy to commit murder which there is no evidence, they were charged as adults when they're juveniles, and some of them were charged on flimsy to no evidence that they were the actual perpitrators.

It's an unjust prosecution and that's why Weed Walters wilted and Mychael Bell is getting out in a few months and not 22 years from now.


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