Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rapper Bun B Speaks on Jena Six

Bun B would be known to most of you as a so-called gangsta rapper.

To me, he’s know as a highly underrated (at least outside the south) ill MCee, and half of the legendary Hip Hop due UGK or Underground Kings. They came up out of Port Author Texas in the early 90s, and me being a Louisiana boy of about 13, their shit got big play around my way; though they weren’t really known nationally.

People think rappers are dumb and pointless by definition, and truth be told, a lot them are. But many of them are not. So peep Bun speaking intelligently and articulately about the Jena situation and how he relates being where he’s from:

Also peep Mos Def on the situation again, going off on the punk-ass rapper community. Mos and Bun were at the Jena March:


Erika-Nicole said...

its nice to see people really moved by this horrible event. hopefully it will create a real change for the better.

Yobachi said...

I agree. Hopefully this is the spark that'll finally really get folks active.