Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Judge Rejects Double Jeopardy Motion in Jena 6 Case

[of course this is the same judge that illegal tried Mychael Bell as an adult in the first place, got overturned, tried to keep Bell in prision with no conviction, got overturned on that, then 10 months after the incident violated Bell's parole in an act of revenge]

Reported by: Associated Press
Nov 9, 2007 07:15 AM CST

A state district court has rejected a motion to dismiss juvenile charges against a teenager at the center of a civil rights controversy.
Attorneys for Mychal Bell, one of six black teens accused of beating a white school mate, said that trying Bell again amounted to double jeopardy. Carol Powell Lexing says her client already has been tried in adult court and they contend he can't be tried for the same case twice.

State District Judge J.P. Mauffrey Junior rejected that motion yesterday. Lexing said they will appeal.Bell is the only one of the Jena Six to stand trial. He was convicted in adult court in June for aggravated second-degree battery and conspiracy. The convictions were later overturned and the case sent to juvenile court. Bell, now 17, was ordered to jail last month for a probation violation in an unrelated juvenile court case.

The beating of a white student at Jena High School in LaSalle Parish drew national attention, with civil rights leaders decrying the severity of the charges against the accused teens, who are black. The injuries to the white student were not considered life-threatening.

The school had been in a state of racial tension when the attack occurred. In one incident, a hangman's noose was hung in a tree on campus and the alleged culprits -- who are white -- were not charged.


Anonymous said...

The media and the blacks have continually twisted,.....no lied about the facts in this case to make it seem racially motivated....once you learn the facts you realize the only race violations were caused by the black teens.

Yobachi said...

I know the facts; and the facts easily demonstrate racial motivation to the core.

Jim crow and status quo supporters from Bull Conner to George Wallace, to David Duke; always claim race is not a factor.

As a matter of fact, they've always said the exact same words you posted. According to y'all, there's never any racism. It's just agitators always making it up.

teikyo30 said...

So I just read that the $500,000 that was raised for the Jena 6 defense fund has yet to reach the lawyers, and the families involved refuse to account for the donations. They even stated that a myspace picture of one of their sons with hundreds stuffed in his mouth, was from him working some summer job. What a crock. It's amazing to me that they want justice, equal justice, yet given the means to mount a fair defense, they basically steal the money and go shopping. I hope they go to jail.

Yobachi said...

I know for a fact that the money I donated got to Mychael Bell's lawyer, Lewis Scott, as my Bank issued me a copy of the Blank check showing his office cashed it; and then I got a subsquent letter from Mr. Scott's office.

Last I heard, the money that the family controlled was moved into a trust to be controlled by a trustee.

Either way, none of this changes the facts of the case nor makes the prosecution just.

More of the usual redherrings.

teikyo30 said...

So the prosecution of these kids for beating a White kid senseless just because he's White isn't just? Fine, I'll go with that if you go with the fact that it isn't just to prosecute any White police officers for harassing Blacks or any White kids beating up Black kids just for being Black.

Anonymous said...

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