Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Plea For Michael Bell Is Not the End of Fight For Equal Justice

For Immediate Release
Mychael Bell Plea Not the End of Fight For Justice
D. Yobachi Boswell 615-478-5204 * LionRunner777@yahoo.com

On yesterday, Monday December 3, District Attorney Reed Walters offered a plea deal to Mychael Bell in the Jena 6 Case, dropping the conspiracy charge; leaving Mr. Bell an 18 months sentence on second degree battery. The sentence also includes time served, and is to run concurrent with his present parole violation incarceration.

While we are delight that an overzealous and malicious prosecution that brought charges which would have made Mychael Bell eligible for approximately 100 years of incarceration will now see the young man out of Juvenile corrections by next summer, to resume his young life; let it be understood that the Afrosphere Jena 6 Coalition remains steadfast in our position that this prosecution was unjust, we remain steadfast in fighting against injustice in this particular case for the other 5 young men, and we will continue to fight against unequal justice in the legal system across the country; which are primarily racially and socio-economically based.

Attorney, and noted “AfroSpear” Blogger Francis L. Holland, Esq states “AfroSpear bloggers and our audiences will continue to assert our role as forceful advocates of equal justice for Blacks in the American justice system…we will continue to insist that ALL ADULT AND JUVENILE CHARGES AGAINST ALL 6 DEFENDANTS be dropped and foreclosed for the future, and that de jure and de facto segregation be ended at Jena High School...we have to ask ourselves whether the final result in this criminal case is what it would have been if Mychal D. Bell were white. We know that it isn't. Black young people in Jena should not go to jail while white students commit the same acts with impunity."

There is a greater issue highlighted here of how the legal system overcharges people to force them into a corner to take a lesser deal, in order not to risk being convicted on higher trumped up charges, and to point the finger at others who may very well be innocent; in order to save themselves.

It highlights the criminalization of Black youth to get them in the system, because once there in the system of incarceration and parole they are virtually a ward of the state; and this provides needed bodies for the for-profit prison industrial complex to make money. They can’t profit unless they have a continued stream of bodies in the cells.

What’s most interesting here is if D.A. Reed Walters actually believed that Bell and others attempted to kill Justin Barker, how could he possibly settle for 18 months? He tried to lock Bell down for 100 years and then when that didn’t fly legally; 22 year.

In Reed Walters own Op-ed piece in the New York Times on September 26, when defending his actions as being from a purely legal standpoint, he states himself that “a district attorney cannot take people to trial for acts not covered in the statutes.”

If he doesn’t really believe, and further did not have the evidence to support the charge that six Black students attempted to commit murder, and that there was a conspiracy; how could he have ever rightfully charged the former, and how could he have ethically and legally tried Mychael Bell on the latter.

Those of us in the Afrosphere Jena 6 Coalition and others will continue to stand up against unequal justice. We will Fight, and we will Win! video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7253600219767288651

Afrosphere Jena 6 Coalition

D. Yobachi Boswell, Coordinator

BlackPerspective.net and TheJena6Blog.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

I am appalled by what I see. Where has this country's reason and common sense gone? The 3 white boys hung nooses from a tree, which was wrong and unacceptable, and for which they were suspended. The 6 black boys assaulted and beat a single white boy until he was unconscious and are facing criminal charges.

One act is by far more vile than the other and is being treated as such, but only by the school and the judicial system. Though what the white boys did was wrong and racist, they didn't harm anyone. What the black boys did was also wrong and racist, but they chose to gang up, 6 on 1, and beat a white boy until he was unconscious.

It is very indicative of how warped our society has become that there is an uproar not over the fact that what the 6 black boys did was racist, violent, and could have killed the boy, but because they are facing criminal charges due to it and because the white boys, who did not harm anyone were only suspended and did not have criminal charges brought against them.

Nevermind the fact that the 6 black boys participated in a violent hate crime, or the fact that they ganged up on the boy 6 to 1 and beat him until he was bloody and unconscious, or that one of them was on probation and has a criminal record, or that the attack place months after the noose hanging event. Don't concern yourself with the fact that the D.A. attempted to find something to charge the white boys with but could not find any law which they had broken.

It becomes more and more evident with every passing year how biased our media has become, how overly PC our country is, and how racist the majority of the black community is. Our nation should be in an uproar over the fact that these boys ganged up on another lone boy and beat him until he was bloody and unconcious because his skin was the wrong color. Our nation should be in an uproar because 5 of those 6 boys are out walking the streets right now. It should be in an uproar over the slant and biased with which this is being covered by many news outlets, how the story and facts are being twisted, and most importantly by how the black community behaves.

Anonymous said...

Here's a couple of easy yes or no questions for all those Jena 6 supports.

If the assaut victim was black, and the assailants white, would you still insist that they dont deserve to go to jail?

If you answered yes to the first question (which is a little hard to imagine), then woud all the same black activists be protesting to keep the white assailants out of jail?

Bottom line: under any other circumstances (meaning remove the black/white issue) EVERYONE, BACK AND WHITE, WOULD INSIST THAT THE 6 ASSAILANTS BE LOCKED UP!

But because the white victim did something (non-physical) to piss off the black students, .....somehow there is an injustice being done by prosecuting the assailants.........because they are black!

Give me a break!

By the way, before you jump to any conclusions, I am an African-American iving in the South.

.......and I'm ashamed of my race on this issue.

Yobachi said...

"Though what the white boys did was wrong and racist, they didn't harm anyone."

Yes they did. The fact that you and your ilk don't acknowledge the harm is the problem and why racism continues unabated in this country. People like you continually excuse it.

Further, in this case, denialist such as yourself excuse different treatment by the justice system. Where is your outrage for Jena 6 defendant Robert Bailey Jr getting jumped and beat with a beer bottle and all those white boys getting off scott free except one getting probation and then black kids getting charged with up to 100 years. You have no outrage for that, because white is right as far as you’re concerned.

Yobachi said...

"If the assaut victim was black, and the assailants white, would you still insist that they dont deserve to go to jail?"

Yes, and they've already been to jail, so your premise is false.

"then woud all the same black activists be protesting to keep the white assailants out of jail?"

False premise again, because if they weren't black nobody would be trying to put them in jail, as is proven by the fact that when Jena 6 defendant Robert Baily Jr got jumped and beat with a beer bottle by white boys, nobody went to jail.

I'm trired of playing this game and wasting my time so I'm not even reading much less answering the rest of the questions. As the poster above your a denialist and apologist for racism. Pure and simple, end of discussion.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it is a railroad job for all blacks thats why they got charged but the whit kid went to school with a gun nothing happend how ironick

Anonymous said...

racism is a myth no more running all men now. let it go you cant hold us down anymore we shall over come these issues.for fighting 20 years you are a joke. carring a gun on school ground thats 20 years

Yobachi said...

Wow anonymous some strong opinions. I wouldn't say that most whites in the south are particularly racist, and let the north off the hook; but their is underlining racial animos, and especially in rural areas a certain status quo that has never dissipated.

SickofyourBitchinsoSTFU said...

And where is your outrage for the rape (lasting days), mutilation, and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom by a group of blacks?
Just what I thought. I bet you have never even heard of this case.
You're just as racist as anyone. You speak of bias against your kind in this country; what a joke. My people (who are white) are constantly verbally attacked if we are even proud of our heritage and many incredible accomplishments. We are told that racism "doesn't happen" to whites...This is crap. I have experienced racism first-hand from blacks who I have never said a word to. I pay taxes which go to pay for your welfare, etc. Entering your cities without adequate weaponry is a gamble I refuse to take. I happen to love most of this country, and wish you'd take care of the formerly-white (and formerly beautiful) and now crumbling cities you dwell in.
Don't like white America? Then leave. There's the door...you're free to go...I dare you to find a country where you have it better..hell, I hope you do.
And I am sure it is no easier for you to deal with ever-growing Mexican gangs (we whites have to deal with this) than it is for whites. Maybe leaving is best after all. I hear those gangs are killing blacks in record numbers. Maybe it's time to rethink your "hate whitey" ideas. Other races hate you too!

You'd love it if we lived in a society where people were jailed just for looking at you wrong or saying something you perceive as racism...a place where screaming "RACISM!" gets you everything for free...oh wait, we already have that. You clearly know nothing about freedom or how to preserve it. You only abuse it and demand more laws be enacted against us all, making EVERYONE less free. Deny it, but I know the truth. I'm glad you're not in power, because, our current police state would be even worse. Sometimes this world is so patently absurd it is hard to take. BTW, the people who hung those nooses did it as a joke to their friends...ever see the movie Lonesome Dove? They were emulating a scene from the movie, you stupid, self-hating ingrate. They were not trying to hurt anyone's feelings. There was no "white-only" tree. Everyone at the school knows that. Hell, that has been proven.
I have to laugh at the idiocy to keep from crying in despair.

Yobachi said...

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom have what to do with the Jena 6? Which person involved in that case was involved in their situation?

"Just what I thought. I bet you have never even heard of this case"

You would have lost your money.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed your substanceless angry white guy rant.

Amerie said...

Sick of our bitching huh! Let's get something straight we never asked to come here in the first place, we were bought over here under false pretenses and to do our slave-masters dirty work of building up a system were it would only benefit him and his kind. We never asked you to impregnate our ancestors and mix up the race, so if we seem bitter than maybe we are. If any group needs to leave it should be yours, go back to Europe from which you came out of the caves starting up trouble everywhere you went. Justice, there is'nt any for us, so leave we can accomodate your wishes, so how about giving us our 40 acres and a mule that we are still waiting on. Yes! you have the right one.

Amerie said...

It's a shame to think that one would say that we're free, free from what. The justice system is not set up for blacks just check out the statistics of how many blacks are incarcerated compared to whites. Anyone that would say to me go back where you came from, my response would be we never asked to be here in the first place it was because of your tricknology why were are are. To you as a white man you don't belong here either you need to go back to the caves from which you came.

Anonymous said...

Now that Jena 6 defendant Michael Bell has another assault charge on a mall security officer as well as shop lifting charges, how will this effect the plea bargain?

Anonymous said...

from a CNN article 12/30/2008:
Mychal Bell was cleaning a gun when it accidentally discharged, shooting him in the shoulder, his attorney, Carol Powell-Lexing, told CNN. He had surgery Monday night at a hospital in Monroe, Louisiana, and has not yet been able to talk, she said.

Also, does possessing a gun while on probation have anything to do with the plea bargain?

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