Saturday, February 9, 2008

Jena 6 Defendant Bryant Purvis Arrested In Texas

Slaps hand against forehead - you just can't help some people.

I'll get to the particulars of the arrest in a moment, but some folks, Jena 6 supporters, on a list serve I frequented are talking about that's why they used upstanding citizens for test cases back in the day to build the movement around and that's why they used the Rosa Park incident to launch the bus boycott verses other similar incidents.

That's good, well and understood; but here's my response to that:

People's lives are not test cases or a movement.

The boys deserved justice. If justice was 1 years in jail they deserved that, if it was no jail they deserved that, if it was a few months, they deseved that; but I know they didn't deserve 80 to 100 years (what the DA first tried to charge them with).They didn't deserve 20 years in jail (the amount of time charges would have carried once he was forced to drop the murder conspiracy).

Everyone's life and right to justice is worth defending. It's not acceptable to me to stand by and watch people have their lives taken away if there's something I can do about it, just because they're not saints. Non-saints deserve equal protection under the law too.

End of story for me.

Jena 6 defendant charged in Texas assault
By Howard Witt | Tribune correspondent
4:24 PM CST, February 7, 2008

Bryant Purvis, 19, was arrested Wednesday in Carrollton, Texas, and charged with misdemeanor assault after an incident with another student at Hebron High School, Carrollton police said. Purvis was released in lieu of $1,000 bond on Thursday and suspended for three days from the school, where he enrolled as a senior after moving to the area to live with a relative.

Purvis' attorney, Darrell Hickman, characterized the assault as a "minor shoving incident" and said it involved a student whom Purvis believed had vandalized his car a few days before. A police affidavit accompanying an arrest warrant alleged that Purvis choked the student and pushed his head into a bench, injuring the victim's eye.

Read the rest of the story here.


Anonymous said...

These kids had rap sheets. The had prior convictions, arrests, and criminal records.

The case where they beat the crap out of some poor random kid was no different. There is a clear pattern of violence here.

Yet the operant assumption is that because they're Black, they are somehow victims. It could just be that they're scum, and that scum tends to cause problems wherever it goes.

Yobachi said...

Prove "they" had rap sheets. I know of one who did. You just saying stuff doesn't make it fact.

The rest of your little rant is based on supposition that you have not demonstrated, and therefore is not worth addressing.