Friday, September 28, 2007

Some Good Jena Six Video From the day of The March For Justice

White High School Girl Representin for Jena 6 In Smyrna TN
This is right out side of Nashville where I live - From the local news. Maybe the white "progressive" bloggers who "couldn't find information" on the Jena Six can ask this girl where she got hers from to be able to know about it and take a stand.

Let my people go – let’s go get’em
As I wrote about in this post this was easily one of my favorite parts of the whole day. At this juncture they singing "Free Mychael Bell" then "the let's go get'em" chant and then "Oooooooh, let my people, let me people go". Then they later (not in the video) they chant "let’s go get’em" to just the drums while the other musicians hold the instruments up in the air. Loved IT!
Waring: it's loud!

This video doesn't do the music, atmosphere, or the feeling of it, justice.


PurpleZoe said...

These schools are trippin', but I guess that's necessary. The current generation and ones coming up need to know the time...No better way to figure out what's really going on than to see the oppression covering rhetoric unveiled.

Yobachi said...

True that Zoe.

This last couple weeks have actually gotten me encourage about the next generation for the first time.

Shelia said...

I too am truly impressed with the degree of concern by high school and college age students with the Jena 6 issue. It is indeed encouraging. Maybe we're not in as bad a shape as we thought.