Sunday, September 30, 2007

Reed Walters Conflict of Interest In Jena

I was recently told by someone that Jena District Attorney, Reed Walters, is also the School Superintendent that overturned the expulsion recommend by Jena High's principle for the noose hangers. I told him I didn't think that was accurate, but he insisted, and I just didn't respond after that; because I've learned not to argue with people who are dead set on believing something no matter how impossible or lacking in evidence.

Though I was hard pressed to imagine that even in a place as small as Jena, that one-person would be allowed to hold two public positions like that, and having read tons of resources on this story, I couldn't see how this factoid would have escaped me; I thought due diligence required that I investigate the claim.

This is one of those cases of "when there's smoke, there's fire".

No, Walters is not the school superintendent, I was right about that; but he did serve as the School Boards lawyer regarding the Jena 6.

Now Public has the article here

An excerpt reads:

"La Salle Parish school board member William Fowler tells Amy Goodman of Democracy Now that the lawyer representing the school administration is none other than the district attorney in charge of the case. This revelation is telling in that no DA's office anywhere in the United States would allow such a conflict of interest no matter how serious the case. The following is a brief transcript of a most shocking interview."

That's right. The guy who didn't bother to prosecute the death threat of the nooses, let black kids get beat down with a beer bottle and threatened with shot guns, and offered a probation in one case and no prosecution in the other, and who wanted to put 6 kids in prison, effectively for life; provided the legal representation that would mold the decisions of the school board in dealing with the noose threat, racial segregation and racial animus at the school.

But I guess the Jim Crow defenders, including the netroots-progressives, will continue to claim the deck wasn’t stacked against the Jena 6. Never mind that whole collision of power/separation of powers thing.


Anonymous said...

Here's a little more smoke for you to investigate. True or false: Mychal Bell's first battery adjudication was for beating his girlfriend so roughly that her eye was dislocated from the socket.

Yobachi said...

I'm not sure if your asking the question out of curiosity or you're doing so to make the accusation. Assuming the it's the second:

1. How brave of you to post annonymously

2. Your comment has nothing to do with the subject matter of the post at hand. Nice way to skirt the issue. I'll take that as an admission on your part that you recognize that indeed the deck was stacked since you didn't dispute it.

3. If your allegation is true, it still has nothing to do with whether or not he's guilty of the charges in this case. It's prosecutorial misconduct and unconstitutional to charge someone in regards to a specific incident to attempt to punish them for another incident. Prior bad acts can only go towards sentencing if your actually convicted for the current incident.

4. I'll look into it. Have any links from reputable sources?

Robin C. Edwards said...

I have recently located out of the South, Mobile, AL. And it was horrifying they way how I saw the way people lived. And it was the poverty because the South is actually very beautiful, but attitude of African American and Caucasian and everyone in between surprised me. It actually made me into a racist for a moment, but I had to check myself, but I did not want to set that kind of example for my children. I am so glad there has been an uprising. I believe our generation needs to stay on top of things like and don't fool yourself CA BLACK FOLKS ARE PEOPLE ARE LIVING LIKE SOMETHING OUT OF A TIME WARP BACK THERE. ITS NOT COOL AT WHICH IS WHY ME AND MY HUSBAND RAN BACK TO CA. GOOD LUCK JENA 6 GOOD LUCK TO JENA AS WHOLE. I PRAY FOR SOME HARMONY AND END YOUR PROBLEM WITH THE HOPES THERE WILL BE NO MORE VICTIMS ELSE WHERE BECAUSE OF WHAT HAS GONE DOWN. BE STRONG. WE ALL NEED TO BE.

Yobachi said...

Hey Robin,

Ummm, I'm not sure what poverty you're referring to in Mobile. I lived in Montgomery for years (just came back from there sunday night), and of course there's poverty, but so it is through the U.S.

If there's some particular area of Mobile that you're refering to you'd have to describe and specify where; because mobile is not some small town of abject poverty.