Tuesday, January 15, 2008

White Nationalist Group Wins Right to March In Jena

National Movement vs. Town of Jena-Update
By Farrah Reyna - Anchor 6 & 10
January 11 2008

There are new developments in the lawsuit filed by the Nationalist Movement against the town of Jena.

Federal Judge Dee Drell ruled on Friday that Jena’s requirement for an insurance policy is unconstitutional and a violation of the group’s first amendment rights.
The Nationalist Movement was suing the town because the organization did not want to pay an insurance charge for its planned rally on Martin Luther King Day.

With Friday’s ruling, the party will go forward with its plans for the march on MLK day on Monday the 21st. A hearing scheduled for Monday was cancelled.
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ahem said...

I just heard Richard Barrett on the radio saying that "he who marches last marches best."

Yobachi said...

Who told him his would be the last.

It might not be the only in Jena that day as I'm bout to post about.