Monday, October 8, 2007

File Letter of Complaint Against Jena 6 Persecutor Reed Walters

Thanks to members like you, the chances for the Jena 6 to
achieve justice have dramatically improved.

Their story has been forced into the mainstream media, the Governor was
finally forced to speak on the issue, Mychal Bell is facing a new trial with
a maximum penalty of 4 years instead of 22, and the systemic problem of
unequal justice across this country is getting more attention.

As the fight moves to court trials, members have helped
put the legal teams on solid ground by generously contributing $212,399 to
the legal defense of the Jena 6, $106,000 of which has already been spent at
the directi on of the families to help get investigators on the ground, bring
in expert witnesses, and to secure the best legal counsel available for
these young men.1.

Having well-funded legal teams and more media attention is important, but we
can't forget that these young men could be free of these charges completely
if not for one man: LaSalle Parish District Attorney Reed Walters. He is
still representing the State of Louisiana in the case and needs to be
removed and disciplined for his misconduct immediately.

Can you file a letter of complaint with the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary
Board asking them to investigate Walter's conduct?


kathleenmaher said...

Thanks for making the letter available. It shames me that I haven't already voiced my indignation. But now, because you've taken the trouble I should have shouldered myself, I've at least made one more stab for justice.

Yobachi said...

Thanks for doing your part. That's what we all have to do.

Marcus Langford said...

I am most likely one of few black men or black persons in general that does not support the movement for Jena 6.

I would be more prone to support the cause if black political leaders weren't so apt to forget that the actions we took lead us as a community to have to suffer these dire consequences. For some reason I think the black community has forgotten to take responsibility for our own.

When we make our beds, we have to lay in them too, but no one is going to talk about that; we are just going to continue to blame 'The Man'.

Yobachi said...

So we made the bed of haning nooses with no punishment, racial intimidation for months, one of the black Jena 6 kids getting jumped and only one of the whites punished with probation, and ridiculous overreaching charges in comparison to the acts committed by teenagers?

Yeah, you make a lot of sense.

Taking responsibility doesn't equal taking shit! Try again.