Friday, October 12, 2007

Mychael Bell of the Jena 6 is Put Back In Jail

Just yesterday, October the 11th; Mychael Bell was sentenced to 18 months by the same Judge who was overruled in claiming that he had adult jurisdiction on some of the charges in the school beating, and who tried to keep Bell locked up without bail even after all his convictions were vacated by the 3rd Circuit Court.

Mychael Bell and his attorney Carol Powell Lexing to his left

J.P. Mauffrey sentenced bail on a violation of probation from juvenile convictions that Bell incurred before the December 2006 fight with Justin Barker that led to attempted murder and conspiracy charges by extra-zealous prosecutor Reed Walters.

It's unknown specifically on what basis a probation violation was determined, and with it being a juvenile case, details are hard to come by as no one is really allowed to talk about it.

It seems that after Mauffrey and Walters were defeated on trying to illegally convict Bell as an adult, and then keep him imprison indefinitely without a conviction, they've trumped up a way to get him regardless, and show the world that they'll damn well do what they want to do.

Bell is now sentenced to a juvenile "detention center". He's already done 9 months in adult prison and doesn't seem to be getting any credit for time already served. I think it's clear that the prosecutor and the Judge have a vendetta, and are going to do anything they can to keep this young man imprisoned.

The Hurricane movie poster with Denzel Washington

This seems to be a Moby Dick story, where Captain Ahab pursues a whale to the ends of the earth for revenge. A repeat of the Hurricane Rubin Carter story as portrayed in the 1999 movie The Hurricane, where a low down Trenton New Jersey cop arrest and gets a conviction on Carter at 12 and then he and the state legal apparatus spend the next 30 years forging fraudulent charges against Carter and doing everything they can to keep him in prison, no matter the evidence, to satisfy a racist grudge and to get stripes on the uniforms of their careers.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know why everyone is so surprised at this, since this was pretty much the sequence of events that the MSM described a couple weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Below is the info I received via email. It coincides with the info you posted, however, this issue about Bell's parents having to pay 600/month for his incarceration/detention , I haven't been able to confirm yet:

Just an update. Mychael Bell went to court yesterday to address his probation violation and was detained on sight. The same judge, from his previous unfair trial, sentenced him to 18 months. Mr. Jones, Mychael's father, and Al Sharpton was on Tom Joyner this morning talking about the ordeal. Mr. Jones and Mrs. Bell have to pay Mychael's incarceration fee of $600 per month (this is unheard of). The story might be on CNN website.

I emailed everyone whom I had an email address for, please do the same so we can make a difference.

This is only the beginning.

Hi Everyone,
I don’t know where many of you stand regarding the Jena 6 issues, but the fight continues. I was listening to the Warren Ballentine show on 102.5 in Atlanta and he was talking about a National Black Out day for us to not spend money. Wherever you stand on the issue of justice, at the end of the day, money talks and everything else walks. If you are in support of the Black Out, please read below and forward to everyone you know and ask them to forward as well. I think if we start putting our money where our mouth is, people in this country will take us more seriously. Be sure to bring your lunch on this day as well.

Please spread to at least five other people and make sure you inform them to send the info to five other people, to spread the word.

National Black Out Day on November 2….Do not make any purchases on this day but please do not make any major $ amount purchases, the day before or the day after because then the Black Out will be of no effect. This is from the Warren Balletine show; they are asking their listeners to spread the word for those who may not listen to the show. This is the second phase from the Jena 6 and many other cities and people of color are facing similar situations like the Jena 6.

Here is a link to find out a little more about him and his show:

LeftyHenry said...

this is a fucking outrage, notice how this isn't in the corporate media? They tried to kill the movement by spreading everywhere that he's free! (on bail in smaller print), now that they've locked him up again there is hardly anything out

Yobachi said...

Yeah leftyhenry, I saw one news brief on this for about 5 seconds and that's it.

They don't care about racial injustice, and they don't want the rest of us to either; but we aren't going to let this go.

Michael said...

Have you checked out the coverage is giving this??? This is unfair to him and I think he needs a new judge who isn't so racist....

Yobachi said...

Michael, no I not familiar with that site, but I'll check it out now; thanks.

I know from talks with Michael Bell's lawyer, Bob Noel, that they've been trying to get the judge removed from the case for weeks. Last up date I got, which was before the case went into juvenile court (and now the lawyers really cant talk about it); was that they had multiple motions being entered in multiple courts to try and make that happen.