Friday, October 12, 2007

Local Inter-racial Groups Support Torture Victim Megan Williams

Sense I posted about the march centered on Megan Williams in West Virgina in November, but also highlighting the Jena 6; I wanted to still stay on that story here:

by Cash Michaels
Special to the NNPA from the Wilmington Journal

(NNPA) - A group of about 40 citizens – White and Black – came together Oct. 2 at a local church in Logan County, W. Va. to hold a candlelight vigil for Megan Williams, the alleged victim of a month-long racially-motivated captivity, rape and torture.

''We are joining together to show support for Megan and for our legal system and to encourage prosecuting attorney to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law and give justice to Megan,'' Eliza Dillard, a Logan County resident, said.

The group united, not only to show their abhorrence to the crimes allegedly committed by six White Career criminals, but to also let the world know that the residents of Logan County do not condone the racial tragedy that has cast a shadow over their community.

There were those, however, who said despite the show of support, there can be no denying that racism has been alive and well in Logan County long before the Megan Williams case.

“[We] deplore the violence and degradation inflicted on Megan Williams, the young African-American woman allegedly held captive for at least a week and tortured by a half-dozen white people at a Logan County mobile home,” said James Hagood, a spokesman for the Logan County Improvement League and the American Friends Service Committee’s Empowerment for Women Plus.

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Anonymous said...

Now that interracial dating and marraige is not uncommon, more and more spousal abuse cases involve interracial couples. It appears that the Megan Williams case is turning out to be a case of domestic violence rather than a hate crime.

Bobby R. Brewster, one of six arrested in the case, had a relationship with the victin, He was charged in July with domestic battery and assault after a dispute between them. It appears that this is the motivation for the subsequent attack on Williams. All too often, husbands and boyfriends arrested for battering their spouses or girl friends often retaliate with the victims call the police.

There are other pending cases of interracial violence that have been completely ignored by the national news media, even though they appear more horrific than the Megan Williams ase/

Last January, to cite one example, two Knoxville Tennessee, college students, Channon Christian 21, set and her boyfriend Chris Newsom 23 were carjacked by two black males. They forced Christian and Newsom to accompany them back to their home, where they then enlisted the help of two others, including a black female. They sodomize Chris Newsom in front of Channon before they castrated him and shot him in the head. They wrapped his body in bedding and set it afire, then discarded the body along some railroad tracks.

The three males, with the assistance of the female, subjected Channon to a brutal and continuous series of rapes, including sodomy, over a period of two days, The men urinated on her, and poured cleaning chemicals into her mouth and down her throat in an effort to destroy the physical evidence they had left behind. They then cut off her breasts, dismembered her body and threw it in a trash can at the residence.

On September 21, 2007, to cite another case, a 12-year old white girl named Emily Haddock was home sick from school. Four black males broke into her home and shot her in the head numerous times. Her body was found later that same day by her grandfather. Initially the police described the murder scene as “brutal,” but didn’t elaborate. Almost immediately a shroud enveloped the case and any further details have been carefully suppressed